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Russian Travel Passport

Russian travel passport is a document that provides the citizens of Russia the right to enter or leave the territory of Russia. You could say that it’s a document gateway for Russians into foreign countries. In Russia there are currently active: an internal passport, which certifies the identity on the territory of ...

Different Places of Russia in Photographs

image-1587These photos were sent to us by Alexei Dmitriev. They were all taken in different time periods. On the first photo is depicted a visit of bloggers to the Academy of Fire Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia. The bloggers are dressed in firemen uniforms, 2013: On the second ...

Moscow Scenes

image-1574These photos were sent to usby Jury Nazarov. All of them were named by Juri himself. All photos were taken in Moscow. 'The last one' A war veteran, May 9th (Victory Day), Poklonnaya Gora (2011): 'A camera man.” A camera man during the TV broadcast from the stadium Lokomotiv (2010): 'Viola.'Kuskovomannor(2009): 'Fans.'Lokomotiv Stadium (2010):

Family Photos

image-1557These photos were sent to us by Oksana Lyutova. They depict herself and her family; the photoswere taken last year. On the first photo there’s Oksana with her husband after mushroom hunting in the Nizhny Novgorod region: On the second photo there is Oksana with her grandson in Dombai, North Caucasus (Russia) A ...

In Kislovodsk

image-1550These photos were sent to usby Yulia Nova. They were taken in 2002. In these places there is a special feeling of flying. No wonder that later, in 2008, it was here where the monument to the famous Russian poet Mikhail Lermontov was erected, which looks as if it’s peering into ...

Faces of Bashkortostan, Russia

image-1544The photos were sent to us by Dina Habibullina. The first photo was taken in the beginning of this year: three girls are saying goodbye to winter: On the second photo the photographer tries to find a link between generations: a grandmother and her great-granddaughter and her friends (2013): The third photo - ...

Faces of St. Petersburg

image-1538These photos, sent to us by Lusi Rimon, were taken ​​in 2008 while walking around St. Petersburg. The photos were captioned by Lusi. That music is cool: This is your city: Light and shade (a regular street): From where the Motherland begins (a walk on water):

Ryazan Wedding

image-1534These photos were sent to us by Yury Burmakov. These photos were made ​​in the early 2014 in Ryazan while the bride was getting ready:    
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