Russia is the biggest country in the world. It is among the world’s most populous nations and is one of the largest countries by nominal GDP.

Most of the people live in the European part of the country; fewer people live in the Asian part of the country (in Siberia and in the Far East).

Russia is a multinational country. How many nations live in Russia? Are there tens of nations? Or are there hundreds of them? With the help of this site you will be able to discover everything about Russia. Many people think that Russians remind them some fruit: on the outside they may seem hard and even rude, but under the thin peel they turn out to be friendly and sincere.

Russia is the home country of brilliant scientists, outstanding composers, remarkable poets and writers.

Russia is the country of wonderful and diverse nature.

Russia is the country of extraordinary experiment (it is the first socialist state in the world).

Soviet people were the first to make a human trip into outer space.

Soviet people were the liberators who assumed the burden of fighting against fascism (do not trust television, better ask your grandparents). By the way, the concept of justice is very important for Russian people.

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Alternative Music in Russia: Emocore

Alternative lifestyle …the edgy hairstyles, makeup, piercings, and tattoos were commonly used as a symbol of identity for people in different subcultures.

Russian Winter

Russian winter … Here you’ll find everything you wanted to know about winter in ever-mysterious Russia. Do Russians love winter? Is the Russian winter really so brutal?


This enormously vast country offers vast opportunities. Get acquainted with the salient facts about Russia, learn about amazing records, and take a look at Russia in figures. These facts can impress even seasoned ones.

In this category you will also find the following information: holidays in Russia, souvenirs from Russia, places of visit, travel ideas over the country, mini dictionary with phrases in Russian and so on.


Life in Russia is very diverse: somewhere it is way too comfortable, somewhere it is too difficult to live.

What peculiarities do Russians have? What is the Russian character? What is the Russian attitude towards religion? How do Russians communicate with each other? What are Russian holidays and how do Russians celebrate them? What names do Russians have? What superstitions (even about space) do Russians have? How do Russians drink alcohol? And so on. Life in Russia is full of exciting and ridiculous things.


The Russian culture is of all kinds. It embodies tendencies of the East and the West. At the same time the Russian culture shared a lot with the world and created a huge layer in the global culture and art.

Many Russian writers and poets are known not only in Russia but all around the world.

The music of Russian composers is performed in the world’s best concert halls. Russian performers are among the best-known performers in the world. For example, I was very pleased to find a small Russian man’s chorus in one of the castles in France; those voices filled all the space around us to the surprise of numerous grateful listeners. Russian ballet… Russian folk music… Very kind children songs… Russian artists… Russian architects did not just possess a unique style but they created a separate trend in the world’s architecture (many modern buildings in the world were built in this style). Russian films not so much entertain the viewers as explore core values and the meaning of human’s life. Surely the description of the Russian cultural environment would not be completed without the traditional Russian costume and its ceremonies.


Russia is located between the East and the West; its vast territory and natural resources always drew attention of different conquers (on its cost).

We tried “to sort out” the facts from the propaganda (whose it might be). Certainly, the history of science and technology, which made a huge contribution into evolution of mankind, takes the main place in the history of Russia.

Russians presented to the world a great deal of magnificent discoveries and inventions in such fields like mathematics, physics, chemistry, geology, economy; they made different inventions in engineering and technologies. Without these discoveries and inventions today’s world would not be the same!


Russian people are the main heritage of Russia.

They are ordinary people and outstanding people, astronauts and mothers, builders and musicians, grown-ups and children.

It will be interesting to learn about people who live in Russia. And get to know what foreigners think about this country.


Traditional Russian cuisine is perfectly adapted for the continental climate. In winter time Russian food is full of energy, in summertime there are a lot of vitamins and liquids.

Thanks to the simplicity of cooking, which makes it possible to get a good taste by small efforts, Russian cuisine is very popular in the world.

The basic principle of Russian cuisine is simple: it has to be tasty and healthy.

What do Russians eat? What are the most popular Russian dishes? How to make a real Russian salad? What Russian drink did the most long-living nation in the world borrow?

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