The most famous Russian actor in the world.

1.            He became widely known in Russia and abroad after the film “Night Watch” (2004) and “Day Watch” (2005).

2.            The actor also starred in Wanted (2008) and World War Z (2013).

3.            The most favorite movies by viewers with Khabensky are “Women’s Property” (1999), “Mechanical Suite” (2001), “In Motion” (2002), “The State Counsellor” (2005), “Bogie” (2008), “Admiral” (2008), “Christmas Tree 2” (2011), “Heavenly Court” (2012), “The Geographer Drank His Globe Away” (2013).

4.            Konstantin Khabensky starred in the film-masterpiece (according to reviews of the audience), “Our own” (2004) about how the war came to ordinary people, as it was, without pathos and reproof, without heroism and horror. How was it really? (“Great Patriotic War” – so is called the World War II in Russia).

5.            The future famous actor for a while worked as a janitor.

6.            Konstantin Khabensky was a street musician – he played on the Nevsky Avenue in the city of St. Petersburg.

7.            In 2012, at the ceremony of presenting state awards in the Kremlin, Konstantin Khabensky was wearing a hand-made pin on his chest that read “Children out of politics.” In 2 days, the law that prohibits the adoption of orphaned Russian children by citizens of the United States was approved.

Russian Actor Konstantin Khabensky


8.            In 2008, the wife of Konstantin Khabensky, Anastasia, died of a brain tumor.

9.            In 2008, Konstantin Khabensky organized a charity children’s fund for helping children with cancer and other diseases of the brain.

10.          Since 2010, the actor gradually reduced his involvement in theater.

11.          Since 2009, Konstantin Khabensky began opening children’s studios for creative development across Russia. By 2014 the project had 13 studios of children’s creative development in 8 cities of Russia.


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