Russian Actor and Singer Gosha Kutsenko

  1. Gosha Kutsenko is not only an actor but also a singer, a film director, a screenwriter and a producer.
  2. He became famous after the crime comedy “Mama Do not Cry” (1997), where he played the main part.
  3. Most favorite films starring Gosha Kutsenko among the viewers are: “The Fourth Wish” (2003) –about magic on the eve of the most favorite holiday in Russia – New Year’s, “Turkish Gambit” (2005) – a historical adventure detective, “Return to A” (2011 ) (“A” stands for Afghanistan), “The Practice of Beauty” (2011), “With me that’s what is happening” (2012) – about the little things that define our lives, “Mothers” (2012).
  4. The real name of the actor is Yuri Kutsenko.
  5. The actor was a host on a TV channel MUZ-TV.
  6. He starred in performances in the Moscow operetta, Factory of theatrical events, Theater of the Moscow City Council.
  7. The actor has two daughters from two marriages – Polina (1996) and Yevgeniya (2014).
  8. Gosha Kutsenko organized a musical group “Gosha Kutsenko and the band “GK”.
  9. Among the performances by Gosha Kutsenko – taking part in the most famous music festival in Russia “Invasion”.
  10. Songs by Gosha Kutsenko became soundtracks for several films: “Mars”, “The Fourth Wish”, “Kings Can Do Anything,” “The Savages.”
  11. Since 2008, Gosha Kutsenko organized a series of charity concerts, the goal of which was financing the construction of a hospital for children with cerebral palsy.
  12. In 2011, the actor established the Foundation for Children with Cerebral Palsy – “A Step Together”.


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