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There are some superstitions in Russia that are very unusual. At the same time they are also so common that they make up a big part of everyday communication. And some of these superstitions might be even considered an improvised psychological help.

1. If the tip of the nose feel itchy,

Then it’s a sure sign that a party with alcohol is coming up. Often they say: “This means drinking!”

2. If a person sneezes during a conversation,

Then they say that he confirms what has just been said. Often, after sneezing, they say: “True!” or “Exactly!”

3. If a person is having hiccups,

It is believed that someone is thinking about him. If in that moment you start quickly going through your friends in your memory, then when your hiccups stop – that was the person who was thinking about you.

4. If a bird flying over a person left an annoying mark on his clothes,

That should bring you luck and a joyful event.

5. If a fly landed in your soup,

Then you will get a gift soon.

6. If your palm is itching, necessarily the right one,

You will come into money. If your left palm is itching, you will part with money.

7. If you break a glass or a plate,

Everyone will smile and say, “It’s a good omen!”

8. If you throw a coin into the water at some place,

Then you are sure to return to this place. It’s even better, if you also make a wish. No accidentally you can see many coins in fountains.

9. If you make a wish when sitting between two people with the same name,

Then it will come true. To make sure it comes true, you shouldn’t tell anyone about it.

10. If you get up in the morning with the “right”, the right leg,

This means you’ll have a successful day.

They say: “He got up from the wrong foot!” – it is used to describe a person who behaves strangely.

11. If you see a falling star at night and quickly make a wish,

Then it will definitely come true.

12. If you see a rainbow, or if you see the sun and the rain at the same time,

Then it means good luck.

So, these were some fun superstitions and omens, which fill our everyday life.


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