Russian wedding

1. Before a wedding ceremony a groom comes to the bride’s parents to pick her up, even if they already live together.


2. When a groom comes for a bride, he has to pay a symbolic ransom for her.


3. In a Russian wedding a white dress is almost a mandatory uniform of a bride.


4. Bridesmaid dresses can be any color, just not white.


5. A typical wedding ritual:

A. A ransom for the bride;

B. Official registration;

C. Driving around;

D. Celebratory reception.


6. Weddings are usually scheduled on days off.


7. A common attribute of a Russian wedding is a festive cortege of several cars, adorned with ribbons and flowers.


8. Several decades ago in Russia it was required to have two witnessesat official registration. Now it’s not necessary, but the tradition stayed. You’ll recognize the witnesses among the guests bya red ribbon worn over the shoulder, as a medal sash.


9. After an official registration of marriage a bride and groom with their friends are sent on a symbolic wedding trip to city’s landmarks. That’s why on the weekend you will always see brides in white dresses by major landmarks.


10. There is always a professional photographer at a wedding, sometimes a videographer too, to capture that special occasion for family history.


11. An official part of a wedding ceremony usually ends with a wedding reception, where relatives and friends are invited.


12. During the reception the toasts are made, which always end with “Gorko!” Bride and groom have to kiss after those words. A duration of kisses is judged by guests who count in sync: “One, two, three …”. The longer the kiss, the stronger the love.


13. Wedding is usually celebrated for a day in a city, and up to a week – in a village.


14. In Russia it’s customary to gift money at weddings. If instead you want to give a present, you should consult in advance with the newlyweds or their parents about it.


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