The city with the biggest temperature difference.


  1. Yakutsk is the largest city built in the conditions of permafrost.
  2. The thickness of permafrost near Yakutsk in Siberia is 250 meters.
  3. In 1632, on the shore of the Lena River was founded Yakutsk fort (70 km from the present location of the city). Ten years later, the fort was moved to its current location.
  4. The Lena River in terms of its water track is second only to the Amazon River.
  5. The average annual temperature in Yakutsk is -8.8 degrees Celsius (16,2 degrees Fahrenheit).
  6. Climate in Yakutsk is distinctly continental.
  7. In the summer the average temperature in July in Yakutsk is +19.5 degrees Celsius (67,1 degrees Fahrenheit).
  8. In winter the average temperature in January in this Siberian city is -38.6 degrees Celsius (-37,5 degrees Fahrenheit).
  9. Frost in Yakutsk is tolerated easier than in other places, due to dry winter air.
  10. Winter in Yakutsk lasts from October to May.
  11. The highest recorded summer temperature was +38.4 degrees Celsius / 101 degrees Fahrenheit, and the lowest winter temperature was -64.4 degrees Celsius / -84 degrees Fahrenheit. That means that the differential between the extreme summer and winter temperatures in Yakutsk, Siberia is … 102.8 degrees Celsius / 185 degrees Fahrenheit!
  12. The city’s population is about 294,000 people (2014).
  13. In Yakutsk reside a quarter of the entire population of Yakutia, which is the largest administrative unitnot only in Russia but also in the world. Moreover, only six countries in the world are larger in size than the territory of Yakutia in Russia.
  14. The main indigenous people of Yakutia – Yakuts – prefer to be called “Sakha”.
  15. In Yakutsk children eatice cream on the streeteven in the cold.

Photo Yakutsk Siberia

Yakutsk (-52 ​​degrees Celsius/-61.6 degrees Fahrenheit)

Things to Do in Yakutsk

  • In Yakutskyou can visit the world’s only Museum of Mammoth.
  • The kingdom of permafrost – this is how they call the caves dug in the permafrost near Yakutsk and decorated with ice sculptures. Year-round temperature in the caves is -8 degrees Celsius (17,6 degrees Fahrenheit). All visitors are presented with a certificate.
  • Yakut National circus is the most northerly circus in the world.
  • State archive of valuable items ​​of the Republic of Sakha in Yakutsk has a collection of rare nuggets, treated and untreated stones, diamonds and handicrafts. An unforgettable experience.
  • In Yakutsk you can also try the national dish of Sakha – stroganina (a specially sliced frozen fish).
  • Not far from Yakutsk you can visit the ethno-estate “Ytyk Haya.” The estate organizes various celebrations (ysyakh, kuyur), competitions in national sports, ice sculpture competitions. You can listen to khomus and toyuk, shaman singing, and observe national ceremonies – treating spirits, purification, meeting the sun.
  • In the ethnographic complex Chochur Muran you can learn about the Cossackpioneers who founded Yakutsk in 1632: hunters’houses, barns and a merchant’s house – everything recreates a picture of long gone years.
  • In Yakutskyou can buy a great souvenir – Yakut shoes – unty. This is the only footwear that can withstand the harshest frosts of Yakutia.


Somewhere in Yakutia (boy, -45°C/-41.8°F and ice cream) (January 8, 2017):

фото-фотобанк Лори

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