Tyumen is a city nestled in the south western Siberia, on the shores of a beautiful Siberian river Tura.

Tyumen was the first Russian city in Siberia, and it has always been associated with wealth and hard-working people.

The city holds many mysteries and secrets, some of which we will tell you about.

Saviour Cats

Photo Russian City in Siberia Tyumen Saviour Cats

1944, winter. World War II. It was very cold in Tyumen and the whole city was covered in snow. All Tyumen police was exhausted from looking for … cats. Attics, basements – everything was inspected by policemen who had a task – find and capture all of the cats in the city no matter what and send them to Leningrad.

Leningrad, who was under siege, was starving, and all cats and dogs disappeared from the city. The famous Hermitage Museum and its unique exhibits were threatened because of an unprecedented invasion of mice and rats. The result of hard work of Tyumen policemen were 238 cats who were sent to save the treasury house of international importance.

The Secret of the World Proletariat Leader

Recently in declassified KGB archives was found an interesting document. It turns out that in the beginning of World War II the body of the Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin was secretly evacuated from Moscow to Tyumen.

4 days’ in a secret train car on Yaroslavl road and the final destination – Tyumen agricultural college. Inside the walls of that building the symbol of the Soviet regime spent his last refuge. And it lasted a while – 1,360 days, or almost four years, and no one but those close to the actual operation knew about it.

After the war, the leaders of Tyumen tried to get permission from the authorities to install a memorial plaque on the building. But because of the secrecy of the operation they were refused.

However, the Hermitage, whose archives were saved by Tyumen cats, was able to pay back and donated to the city 12 gold-plated cast-iron sculptures of cats and kittens that now adorn the Square of Siberian cats – a favorite place of locals.


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