1.    When she was 16, Natalia Vodianova enrolled in a modeling agency in Russia.

2.    When she was 17, the aspired Russian model signed a contract and began working with the world’s leading brands: Louis Vuitton, L’Oréal, and Marc Jacobs.

3.    Natalia Vodianova’s height is 176 cm, her weight – 52 kg.

4.    When she was 20 years old, Natalia Vodianova replaced Kate Moss in advertising campaigns for Calvin Klein.

5.    Natalia Vodianova was married to Justin Portman, and became the only woman in the Portman family who worked for money.

6.    A future supermodel, at the age of 11 she was helping her mother to sell fruit at the market.

7.    Natalia Vodianova has two younger sisters.

8.    One of the younger sisters suffers from cerebral palsy and autism.

9.    In 2004, in Russia, the Beslan tragedy occurred, killing more than three hundred hostages and Russian law enforcement officers who participated in the raid of the school seized by terrorists. Half of all the victims were children. This event affected Natalia Vodianova very much and her determination to do something for the kids.

10.  Russian supermodel in 2004 founded the charity to help children “Naked Hearts”.

11.  Every two years, Natalia Vodianova holds a charity event – the Love Ball, the proceeds of which are the main source of financing for the Foundation “Naked Hearts”.

12.  The Foundation “Naked Hearts” supports integrative camps that combine recreation as well as physical, mental and intellectual development, as well as the rehabilitation of children with disabilities (about 1,000 kids a year).

13.  In 2014, in order to raise funds for one of the camps, the team of the Foundation ran a half marathon in Paris.

14.  The Foundation “Naked Hearts” finances establishment of centers to support families with children with developmental disabilities. The first center was opened in Nizhny Novgorod (2011).

15.  The goal of creating centers and camps is to keep children with disabilities in their homes, to avoid abandonment.

16.  The Foundation hosts an annual International Forum “Every child deserves a family”, which is aimed at exchanging experience in working with children with developmental disabilities.

17.  In 2013 the Foundation launched a training program for professionals working with children who have special needs and their families.

18.  The Foundation opened its 100thplayground for children (the geography of the playgrounds – all Russia).

Natalia VodianovaNatalia Vodianova at the opening of the children’s playground in the town of Sovetskaya Gavan

19.  The Russian model starred in the films “Clash of the Titans” (2010), “Belle du Seigneur” (2012) and others.

20.  Natalia Vodianova has four children: son Lucas (2001), daughter Neva (2006), son Victor (2007) and son Maxim (2014).

21.  Natalia Vodianova was the face of the Sochi 2014 Olympics.

22.  The well-known Russian model was an ambassador of the Paralympic Games in Sochi (2014).

23.  The idea of ​​the video #Neverstop, a story about Paralympic athletes, belongs to Natalia Vodianova, who co-starred in it:


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