In our opinion the most interesting monuments in Yaroslavl are:

1. The Church of the Epiphany (1684-1693)

It was built in place of the wooden Church of the 15th century in the vicinity of the Spaso-Preobrazhensky monastery and on its territory as well. The Church has no columns with rich interior decoration.

2. The Church of Ilia the Prophet (1647-1650)

This church is a symbol of the city, it was built in the traditions of Yaroslavl architecture. Inside you can see fully preserved interior: paintings by masters headed by Gury Nikitin and Power Savin, the carved iconostasis etc. The Church was built in place of two wooden churches which did not survive.

The Church of Ilia the Prophet YaroslavlThe Church of Ilia the Prophet (Sovetskaya square)

3. The Church of St. John the Baptist (1671-1687)

It was built on the donations of the citizens. It is the largest church in Yaroslavl. The church is crowned by 15 chapters. Inside you can see some paintings by Dmitry Plekhanov and FedorIgnatiev.

In their paintings Dmitry Plekhanov and FedorIgnatiev built a lot of various plots -more than one and a half thousand. This is just unique!

Other Attractions of Yaroslavl

In Yaroslavl you can also visit the Spassky monastery, the Tolga convent, the Sretenskaya Church, the Alexander Nevsky chapel, the Church of the Nativity of Christ, the Metropolitan chamber etc.


Exhibits from a private museum in Yaroslavl

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