There are several popular fun games in Russia for kids.


Take a light feather or even a piece of cotton wool. The players in turn throw a feather up in the air and by blowing on it from the bottom, try to keep a feather in flight. You can’t touch a feather with your hands.

If you can’t keep the feather up, the turn passes to another player.

As an option – the players play the game all at the same time, each with their own feather.

Game of “Silence”

Russian Game of Silence

The rules of the game of “silence” are extremely simple. You just need to keep quiet and say nothing. The first one to speak loses.

Despite the simplicity of the rules it is very difficult to execute, because the players often develop an urge to laugh. To provoke that some players start making faces, grimace, and so on. Anyone who laughs or makes any sound – loses.

Grandma’s Boomers

Players select a lead, and the rest sit in front of him in a row.

The lead asks questions to which all players must respond “Grandma’s bloomers.”

For example, this is a kind of dialog that plays out between the lead and the players:

– Lena, what did you eat for breakfast today?

– Grandma’s bloomers!

– Kolya, what are you going to wear for tomorrow’s party?

– Grandma’s bloomers!

– Lucy, that Marines wear on their shoulders to jump from an airplane?

– Grandma’s bloomers!

If the player laughed instead of answering the question, he becomes a new lead.


All players sit in a row, and all put their hands on the knees of their neighbors. As the result all the hands are crossed.

Then they start from one end to consistently clap on the knees, touching the knees in order: you need to raise your hand and slam on the knee when it is your turn.

And so it goes in circle, and the pace of the game gets faster and faster.

Eventually, players start to make mistakes. If a player made ​​a mistake – did not slam when he was supposed to or slammed out of order – he has to put that hand behind his back.

That is, the conditions are constantly changing, and your turn may happen earlier because of attrition of hands.

And so it goes on until one player remains – the winner.


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