Uglich (Russia)

Uglich is an old Russian friendly town that stands at the bend of the Volga River in Russia.

1.     Admire Old Russian Architecture

The heart of the city is the Uglich Kremlin. Here, on May 15, 1591 a terrible event took place that shocked Uglich and the whole of Russia: in the courtyard of his chambersthe youngest son of Russian tsar Ivan the Terrible – Dmitriwas found murdered. In that fateful place the “Dmitri Church on the Blood” was built and the chambers where the prince used to live were preserved.

In the central part of the Uglich Kremlin there is a five-domed Cathedral of the Transfiguration of the Savior, and next to it – a 37-meter bell tower, creating a beautiful architectural ensemble. In the interior of the church there is a striking six-tiered iconostasis. On the walls and the vaults of the hall there are more than 50 paintings created by a team of serf artists.

2.     Wake a Walk through the Old Town

A walk through the streets of Uglich will give you an opportunity to get acquainted with friendly and welcoming people of this town. You can admire and even touch the walls of two-storied houses that once belonged to famous merchants of Uglich. You can admire their ceremonial entrance gates and preserved inside the houses tiled stoves.

An integral part of the Uglich landscape became a 40-meter fire tower.

3.     Visit the Museum of Evil Spirit

The Museum of evil spirit is dedicated to Russian folk tales and superstitions. This amazing place was created by spouses – an artist Daria and her husband Alexander.

The interiorof the museum is a replica of peasant’s house, with trunks, tools and other utensils. Alexander organizes fascinating tours about ancient Russian mythology, customs, omens and everyday life of people, who used to inhabitthe present Yaroslavl region.

4.     Try Smirnoff Vodka

In the museum of the “History of Russian vodka” there are many different exhibits. The town is the birthplace of the Russian vodka king – Pyotr Smirnoff. Visitors have a chance to have a tasting of Smirnoff vodka. If you get too excited during tasting, you can get a medal right on your neck … The medal is in the museum and it weighs about 7 kg. The Russian Tsar Peter I used to reward with such medal the most enthusiastic fans of this intoxicating potion.

5.     Participate in Folklore Festivities

During the folk festival “Uglich – Slavic Coast”, which takes place during Christmas holidays, Epiphany and Maslenitsa, the whole town of Uglichtakes part in the ancient Russian folk games.

Welcome to Uglich!


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