Mushrooms in the Russian Cuisine

Different methods of cooking mushrooms were developed a long time ago. Over time, they have barely changed.

1. Drying

The best way to preserve mushrooms was considered drying. They were dried in the Russian oven or in a dry place. Almost all species of mushrooms were used for drying, except for agaric. The most valuable were dried porcini mushrooms. Even after they were dried, they retained a rich taste, flavor and retained their white hats. All other mushrooms darkened during drying, and because of that they are called black. Dried mushrooms are typically used to make soups. For cereals and stuffing they were used only when there were no fresh mushrooms.

2. Pickled Mushrooms

Pickled mushrooms were used as appetizers, side dishes, as garnishes. Mushrooms were washed, boiled while changing the water several times. Then they were air dried, placed in a container with their hats up, and sprinkled with salt. On top a press was placed. Before use, pickled mushrooms were soaked in boiling water. Different species of mushrooms were always pickled separately.

3. Pan Frying

For pan frying, conversely, various kinds of mushrooms were used, that were very different in taste and properties. For example, porcini were fried together with butter mushrooms and russula. With Aspen mushrooms – boletus and honey fungus were cooked. Fried mushrooms were served separately or used as stuffing for pies and pancakes.

4. Stewing

Mushrooms were stewed most often together with vegetables, fish or meat. First,mushrooms were cleaned, then sliced​​ and coated with flour. Then they were deep fried in a skillet over high heat with onion and herbs. Next, the mixture was covered with sour cream and stewed for about half an hour. Whenready, stewedmushroomswereservedwithvariousotherdishes.

5. Boiling

In the Russian cuisine it is not quite typical to boil mushrooms. As such, by themselves, boiled mushrooms were almost never used. In some parts of Russia, after boiling, mushrooms were further prepared in different ways. In particular, this is common in the regions close to Belarus.

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