Russian land knows how to surprise not only foreign tourists, but also its own people. You can keep getting acquainted with this vast and diverse country endlessly.

Unfamiliar Moscow

Historical and cultural monuments of Moscow are well known to all.

We want to tell you about a little-known museum “Russian valenki” (2nd Kozhevnichevsky lane). Here you can find models of valenki starting from the 19th century to modern versions. Visitors not only can see the equipment for felting, but also watch the miracle of birth of this traditional Russian footwear.

There is a place in the capital or more unusual monuments: a monument to the first stool on Taganskaya Street and a huge heart in the Hermitage Garden – a monument to lovers.

Surprises of St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is considered a monument under the open sky. Well-preserved architecture of olden times is the main decoration of the city.

You might enjoy the museum “Russian Lefty” where all man-made artifacts can only be seen under a microscope.

Preserved Kizhi

Kizhi is a museum of wooden architecture

Kizhi is a unique museum of wooden architecture. On the island you can find wooden structures, collected from all over Karelia: chapels and churches, farmhouses, mills, sauna houses and barn. The oldest building in the reserve is the chapel of Lazarus built at the end of the 14th century. A priceless exhibit of the museumis the Church of the Transfiguration of the second half of the 17th century with 22 domes of different sizes.

Baikal – a Unique Natural Landmark

Lake Baikal, the size of which could fit 100 Azov Seas – is a dream of many tourists. Although Lake Baikal is older than 25 million years, its waters are clean and clear. Some animal species can be found only here. On its shores you can still find larches and cedar that are older than 600 years.

Russia Starts from Kamchatka

The Valley of Geysers, 36 active volcanoes, majestic waterfalls and mountains are the visiting card of this northern region. Famous volcanoes of Kamchatka were declared by UNESCO natural landmarks.

But there is a place on the Kamchatka Peninsula that can surprise not only tourists, but also Alaska natives. Near the sea there is a village where every day bears come over:

The Golden Ring – the Soul of Russia

The Golden Ring of Russia is a true gem. The routes of the Golden Ring pass through the old Russian cities of Rostov, Vladimir, Suzdal, Kostroma, Ivanovo, Pereslavl-Zalesski, Yaroslavl and Sergiev Posad. This trip allows you to touch the roots of Russia and its history. Folk festivals and master classes in Russian arts and crafts, such as painting matreshka dolls, add special flavor to the excursions.

Small but Proud Subway of Novosibirsk

This exactly how locals describe their city’s subway. Novosibirsk subway includes a total of 13 stations, each of which is a work of art. Stone mosaic panels on Sibirskaya station tell us about the life of indigenous Siberia. 10 unique stained glass windows at the Rechnoi Vokzal station are dedicated to ten Siberian towns. The locals are rightly proud of the world’s longest subway bridge.

All of these amazing places are just some pieces of the history and culture of Russia.


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