The seaside resort Sochi in Russia is famous around the world. The city is ranked 2nd in the world by length – it is 148 km long. The city of Sochi is the northernmost city in the world that has a warm subtropical climate. But the main thing is that in 2014 Sochi hosted the most ambitious in the history 22nd Olympic Winter Games.

Olympic movement, which came to us from ancient Greece, remains a proven way to bring people from all over the world together. As they say, only the sport – and nothing else.

1. Unique climate of the southern city of Russia – Sochi

This seaside Russian city is perhaps the most popular Russian summer seaside resort. In winter, the city attracts many skiers and snowboarders because in the mountains near Sochi there is a ski resort “Krasnaya Polyana.”

Ski resort Krasnaya Polyana (the mountains near Sochi)

2. Feel a powerful adrenaline surge when visiting venues of the Olympic torch relay

22nd Winter Olympic Games (Sochi)

At the beginning of 2014 the famous resort city of Sochi hosted the 22nd Winter Olympic Games – the most expensive games in the long history of the Olympics. The organizers of the games even before the start of the competitions have decided to break all world records and organize the most spectacular event in the world of sport. And they succeeded in that.

This international sports festival gathered together athletes from 88 countries (82 countries in Vancouver).

The number of medal sets – 98 (+12).

The number smiling and willing to help volunteers was 60 thousand people.

The situation with the audience did not disappoint either. The number of views of digital videos of the Olympic Games in Sochi has surpassed the number of views of the Games in Vancouver by more than three-times.

The broadcast of the Olympic Games in Sochi was carried out in 159 countries (Vancouver – 120 countries).

More than 1,1 million tickets to the Olympic Games were sold and 324 thousand tickets for the Paralympic Games.

Sochi Olympic Games were also the most expensive games in the history of the Olympic movement.

3. Take a walk in the platanaceous alley

You should start a tour of Sochi from the Platanaceous alley – a recognized monument of landscape art, which was founded in 1913. Half of the palm trees that make up the alley have been growing there for more than 100 years. The alley attracts tourists also by a famous singing fountain which is located there.

4. Visit the Winter Theatre

Sochi Winter Theatre is a real landmark of architecture and all Sochi residents are very proud of it. Eighty-eight columns encircling the building and created in the Corinthian architectural composition, and the pediment with sculptures on the porticocombinesculpture, architecture and painting art. Many celebrities have performed in the Winter Theatre. The theater building was constructed in just two years, and a decision on its construction was made by Stalin.

5. Try real Russian tea

Sochi is considered to be the birthplace of Russian tea. Despite the fact that due to temperature characteristics and the shortage of rainfall Russia is considered unsuitable for cultivation of this heat-loving plant, growerKoshman managed to create the first tea plantation in this southern Russian city. Now tea gourmands have the opportunity to enjoy real Russian tea which is in no way inferior to other world famous teas.

6. Look at 700 year old tree that the Russian poet Alexander Pushkin wrote about

There are many legends about Sochi that talk about almost every place in the city. Not for nothing the most popular tourist route runs near the oldest tulip tree which is more than 700 years old! Rumor has it that the Russian poet Pushkin wrote about this fascinating place. In its long life the tree has survived numerous injuries and fires, which didn’t kill it, but instead made it even more majestic and mysterious.

7. Check the time using a unique clock

In the famous Riviera Park in Sochi, at the entrance there is a unique clock that looks like a shell, which is very popular among the tourists who visit the resort. The clock placed in seashell is a perfect background for family photos.

Interestingly, especially for the Sochi Olympic Games, special Olympic clock was installed, which was designed by a famous Swiss watch company. The design of the clock that was counting down the time until the start of the Olympic Games depicted the beauty and majesty of the mountains and local seascapes.

In Sochi there are many other unique places: Mount Akhun with an observation deck at the top, Eagle Rocks, waterfalls of the river Big Hosta, mysterious caves…

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