St. Petersburg as the former capital of Russia attracted lots of talented architects and scientists, artists and choreographers, writers and poets. No doubt, in this city you can see many results of their activities.

Some experts of the city assure that there is a list of the most important sights of the city, these sights are famous all over the world.

If you visit St. Petersburg – you should see them for sure. Bellow, there is the list of the most famous sights of St. Petersburg.

It can help you orient in numerous attractions of St. Petersburg.

1. The Peter and Paul Fortress

The Peter and Paul Fortress

The Fortress was founded by Peter the Great – the last Russian Tsar and future Russian Emperor – in 1703 and built from 1706-1740.

The Peter and Paul fortress is the original stronghold of the city.

The original fortress was completed with six bastions in earth and timber.

The fortress was founded on small Hare Island by the north bank of the Neva River, the last upstream island of the Neva River. That is why the first spring flood of the river Neva, demolished some parts of the fortifications. But the builders of the fortress were rebuilt it in stone from 1706-1740. There were up to 50 guns in each stone bastion of the fortress.

The Peter and Paul fortress was also famous for its prison. This prison was the main prison for very dangerous and famous criminals.

On the territory of the fort there is the Peter and Paul Cathedral (1712–1733), which has a 122.5 m (402 ft) bell-tower (up to 2012 it was the tallest in the city centre).

The Bell tower with its spire above the Peter and Paul fortress is a “visiting card” of the city.

The cathedral is the burial place of almost all Russian tsars from Peter I to Nicholas II.

In St. Petersburg at noon, as before, you can hear a shot from a gun of the bastions from the Peter and Paul fortress.

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