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What’s the most important thing for citizens of different countries? It’s probably mutual understanding.

Nowadays we can hear dreadful words (for some of us, at least). Looking back at the evolution of people scientists have revealed the so-called “bottleneck phenomenon”. It means that there were few people on the Earth many thousand years ago – perhaps dozens or hundreds. It comes as no surprise that today’s people (billions of people currently living on the Earth) are somehow related.

Yeah, it’s like a punch to the stomach, isn’t it? It’s so much easier to hate or despise someone. It’ll help you feel better or rise in the estimation of the public. Just laughable 😉 (You’re not like that, I’m sure).

On the whole the authors of the website support reasonable freedom and awareness.

Grand and mighty PR! I’ve never heard so many myths about any other country as I have about Russia. It happens that someone visits Russia andliterally falls in love with it, and keeps coming again and again, and even stays in Russia!

How It Began

Many decisions in our lives are set up by certain events. We can even forget about them and believe that the decision was spontaneous.

Yet this project has a very defined start.

Once, traveling across Eurasia, we met a Grandpa and a Grandma. They were the owners of a small hotel. Somehow we ended up staying in that hotel for a couple of more weeks…

Grandma and Grandpa had already been to Russia (St. Petersburg). So I selected for them modern and old photos of Russian life, and music of Russian composers and performers.

Later I talked about Russia with various people. The conclusion was disappointing: people’s knowledge of Russia was very fragmented. Yet I saw a keen interest in Russia: its nature, culture, science, traditions, and especially in Russian people.

Why not tell people about Russia?” – I thought. I looked up sites about Russia – they were few and mostly with a negative spin or boring content. It surprised and disappointed me. It’s like seeing your neighbor and asking him: “How are you, buddy?”, and in response he tells you how bad things are. Something tells me, next time you won’t ask him anything.

This defined the topic of the blog: facts and opinions about Russia.

No politics, crime and such–there’s enough of that in real life.

Remarkable people from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, USA, UK and Canada help me to create this site.

The site attracts people from (at the time of writing the article) 207 countries of the world. Especially there are many visitors from the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Russia, Australia, India, Germany, the Philippines and Indonesia.

Read, browse, discuss, make suggestions, and share with friends!

Hopefully you’ll find the site interesting and useful!

Alexey wishes to express his most sincere gratitude to Igor Pyhalov, Alexander Sennikov, Igor Shpilenok, Andrey Grachev, Alexander Frolov, Ekaterina Galich, Elena Petrova, Anton Cherniak, Todd Prince, Jimmy Chen, Candice Zhang, Sergey Karpukhin and all of project friends!

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