Eugene Goostman

A team of Russian programmers presented the Eugene Goostman program, which for the first time in history has passed the Turing test.

The Event

According to the University of Reading last week at the Royal Society in London several presented programs got tested. Only Eugene Goostmanprogram for the first time in history has managed to pass the Turing test.

About Turing Test

The test, proposed by Alan Turing, is very simple, transparent, but it is very difficult to pass. All that a program that simulates artificial intelligence needs to do is to convince the experts that it is a real person. During the test a number of experts have an opportunity of non-personal communication with a real person, and with the program. And the experts need to determine whether they are communicating with a program or a person.

Of course, during the test there are all kinds of measures of precaution and safety. The main difference in how the test is conducted in London – there should be no restrictions on communication between an expert and the second party (person or program), as well as numerous tests and validations. These measures allow “cutting off” all questionable cases. Simply put, a Turing test is considered valid when an expert can discuss absolutely any subject he deems interesting.

If at least 30% of the experts make a mistake during a communication session by considering a program to be a real person, the test is passed. Eugene Goostman program managed to mislead as many as 33% of the experts! And all that considering that the experts were not limited in their choice of topics for discussion!

About Eugene Goostman Program

The program was developed in St. Petersburg by a team of programmers that includes Vladimir Veselov and Eugene Demchenko. They started working on a program back in 2001. The program is installed on a supercomputer to avoid delays in responses. The program simulates the behavior and speech of a 13-year-old boy. You can talk to him here (if it opens – there are too many visitors).


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