We continue discovering foreign opinions about Russia. What do people remember/ know/ think of Russia and Russians? That’s what we are trying to find out here. Of course, we don’t conduct lengthy interviews. We always ask only some basic questions about Russia. Today we look at Russia from the perspective of Akemi. Akemi is from Tokyo, Japan. Akemi has never been to Russia. But now and then she meets Russian people in Japan. That is why it is more likely her opinion reflects on Russians and not Russia.


Akemi, Japan

The main thing that Akemi said is that Russians are completely different. For example, people from Moscow differ from people of Far East Russia very much. It means that there is a very large difference between the Russians from the European part of Russia and the Asian part of Russia. Akemi says it is as if these Russian people are from entirely different countries.

Unfortunately, we could not find out the reasons why Akemi has such an opinion about Russian people.

Here’s our traditional graph:


We`ll continue in a week.

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