We continue discovering different foreign views of Russia in the world, and finding out what other people think of when they hear the word ‘Russia’.

Today we will have a look at Russia from the perspective of an Englishman. Barry is from England and he is our guest, he is our new interviewee. He has been to Russia before. Barry has even lived in Russia for some time. What and why his outlook is somewhat different from our other interviewees’ opinions about Russia, we will soon find out.


Barry, England

This is the list from Barry:

1. “Russian cuisine”

This is a very interesting point! Russia is located in Europe and also in Asia. In Russia you can try European cuisine and Asian cuisine as well. There are more than 180 nations in Russia. All the nations have got something special in their cuisines. What is the traditional Russian cuisine? A bit later, we will write about it in detail.

2. “Hospitality”

Hospitality is a really noticeable trait in the Russian culture, for example, the “bread and salt” tradition, about which we have already written earlier.

Another example of Russian hospitality is when you visit a Russian home you are treated very well for sure. If the hosts know that you are going to visit them – be sure that the table will contain a lot of delicious food.

3. “Russian sauna

Barry said: “just imagine Russian sauna. It is January outside. January is the coldest month in Russia. All guests are steaming in a Russian sauna. Then they go out, sit down at a table in the cold and drink Russian vodka. Everything takes place in the cold winter weather!!! ”

Now, let’s go back to our traditional graph of knowledge about Russia.

In our talk Barry mentioned Russian vodka, so we have added Russian vodka to our graph:


The graph shows that the leaders are the climate and geography of Russia and the Russian people’s positive qualities.

We will continue next week.


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