We continue to post new opinions in our section People about Russia. It is very interesting to get to know what people think about Russia. Our new guest Faa is from Thailand too, like Gem. She is very young and she does not know much about Russia. She knows only 2 things about Russia for now.

Faa-1977Faa, Thailand

Here’s her list:

  1. “Moscow”

Faa is excellent at geography! Indeed! Moscow is the largest city in Russia and in Europe. And it is the capital of Russia. Moscow is the economic centre of the country. People not only from all over Russia, but also from other countries would love to visit this city.

  1. “Nuclear weapons, nuclear bomb”

Indeed Russia does possess nuclear weapons. The number of nuclear warheads in Russia is second only to those owned by the United States. At the same time Russia, unlike the States, has never in world history used nuclear weapons against anyone. Nuclear weapons for Russia are only meant for defense!

Our graph now looks like this:



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