Let me remind you that we conduct interviews with people from all over the world in order to understand what people think about when they hear the word “Russia”.

Today we’ll talk to Ortal Danino from Israel. She is a very interesting and mysterious person. Ortal hasn’t been to Russia yet, but she met a lot of people who came to Israel from Russia.


Ortal Danino, Israel

This is her list:

1. “Snow.”

Of course, Russia has lots of snow. But there are places where there is no snow at all. And in places where there is snow in winter, summer can have 30-40 degree Celsius heat.

2. “Communism.”

For more than 20 years now there is no more country on the world map (USSR) where the main ideology was the ideology of communism. Yet people around the world still remember the first socialist state in the world.

3. “Russian culture.”

One more amazing answer! Indeed, Russians are very proud of it.

Ortal’s list didn’t end here and she continued to analyze what exactly she likes about Russian culture.

4. “Russian ballet.”

It’s true that Russian were able to give a new impulse to this art form, and promoted it all over the world (link1, link2).

5. “Russian music.”

We really like this answer! We agree that music is something that Russia can definitely take a credit for.

So how does our traditional chart look like?

The positions of the sections “Country” and “USSR” got stronger. Also, the section “Science and Culture” got 3 new votes:



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