We continue examining the opinions of people around the world about Russia and Russians. We ask only three main things that people associate with the word “Russia”. Today our guest is Editta. She’s from Italy. Editta has never been to Russia, but she knows a few people from Russia.


Editta, Italy

Here is a list from Editta:

1. “Vodka”

It is no secret that a lot of people around the world know this Russian strong alcoholic drink. Very often Editta’s friends – who are Russians – asked her if she tried vodka. It is VERY interesting for Editta /Italians to hear such a question from Russians, isn’t it?

2. “The City of St. Petersburg”

Editta would like to find out why Peter the Great founded this city, and why it is the second largest city in Russia. Editta would like to visit St. Petersburg as well, since this city is very beautiful and it is a cultural center of Russia.

3. “Perestroika”

This is a very unusual phenomenon in the history of the Soviet Union. This political movement was going to reform the Communist Party and the country in the 1980s under the leadership of Michael Gorbachev.

But Perestroika is often argued to be the cause of the collapse of the Soviet Union – the first socialist state in the world.

Our traditional graph about Russia has not changed.

Key: the bars “country”, “vodka” and “the Soviet Union” got bigger:Pic9

We will continue in a week

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