Our new guest is Gianni – he is from Venice , Italy. Gianni is a very interesting, man. He has been already living in many countries. Eg: India, the United States. We had a little time for conversation, but discussed a lot of subjects with the Italian guy.


Gianni, Italy

A list from Gianni:

1. “It is surprising that the country was without religion for 70 years.”

Here Gianni said about the Soviet Union.

But we don’t agree with him in this subject. Let us recollect the history of Easter. It was originally a pagan holiday. For a long time, Christianity was against this holiday, but with no result. Then Christian church included Easter in the Christian holiday list.

When Russia became the Soviet Union any religion was banned but “Communism.” Then after a couple of decades the situation changed – There was more religion tolerance from a soviet government: the Easter holiday was still banned on paper but in everyday reality people celebrated it. We can assume that perhaps in a few decades Easter would have become the official Communist party.

2 “The Soviet Union was completely closed, minds of soviet people were closed so to say.”

People from the USSR couldn’t travel around the world freely. Most people in their minds had the basic ideology of the Soviet Union …because there was no other ideologies in the country then. But frankly, lots of people in the USSR were just out of politics and lived in a very comfortable world (link 1, link 2).

3 . “People are behind the world. They did not see the Woodstock and other phenomena in the world. People are not involved in the study of the spiritual sphere, spiritual trends of the modern world.”

And here again we do not agree with Gianni. Because these ideas are out of date already at present.

Now Russian people have internet excess and other devises for world communications – at present we have practically no boundaries. The tourists from Russia are very numerous in the world. And many people in Russia know different philosophers and different world philosophies and also from India. For example, in Russia there are a lot of books by Osho in shops.

Russia for the past 20 years changed much. But we consider that any changes must be evolution, not revolution indeed.

The evolution should be in every person. It is a new step in person development. And everyone has its own step to his development.

Then , people are able to say ” we must not… but we can …”.

It seems to us that we convinced Gianni, that changes in any case should not be revolutionary. Since any revolution brings loss and suffers E.g. events of 1917 , when the new revolutionary ideas caused a severe civil war in Russia.

We also think that people who have power and money in today’s world are able to change human beings for the better. Unfortunately, these examples are not so numerous in today’s world .

What is about our traditional schedule now? Many comments from Gianni connect with the era of the Soviet Union, but they are in general about people. That is why, the bar “People” got three points:



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