We continue interviewing people around the world to find out their opinions about Russia. Today we publish the answers to the questions by Diego. He is from Slovenia. We are lucky. Diego has a great interest in Russia, he is interested in the events that are taking place in the country these days.

Diego IMG_0426

Diego, Slovenia

A look at Russia from Slovenia, Diego:

1. “Russia is the Slavic country”

I began studying the history of Russia in order to understand the processes that occur in the Slavic countries. Also my grandpa used to tell me about Russia a lot. I really love Russia. I have not been to Russia yet, but I wanna visit Russia a lot. Russia is a country with a very rich history indeed.

2. “The law against gays”

It is very sad that the such a law is effective in Russia today.

3. “Yuri Gagarin”

He is the first human being to travel into space when his Vostok spacecraft orbited our planet on April 12, 1961.
That was the beginning of a new era. Being a son of a carpenter, Yuri Gagarin was able to become the first person in the world to journey into space. He did his best to achieve that goal. Yuri Gagarin was a self-made man. The life of this person is a perfect example of how people should follow their dreams and goals to make the world a better place. This position is very dear and very close to me.

4. The Russian monarch – “Peter the Great”

Of course, Peter the Great was a significant person – he was one of the Russian monarchs and I am very interested in learning more about him. Peter I did a lot for Russia and for the whole world. He is a very interesting person to research. In my opinion, Peter I changed the world and changed the balance of power in Europe at that time.

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