Today we will talk with Sweden nationals Monica Funck and Lolo Funck Andersson. They are a very interesting couple, both artists: Monica – painter and sculptor, and Lolo – sculptor and musician. Most importantly, they have been to Russia and not just on a trip – they were invited to a wedding. So it is not surprising that their knowledge of Russia was received literally first-hand.


Monica Funck and Lolo Funck Andersson, Sweden

Here is their list:

1. “Russian wedding traditions.”

Monica and Lolo were amazed by how a single wedding combines the old, traditional and new, modern. For example, an ancient ritual of “bread and salt” went side by side with modern club music performed by a DJ.

2. “Russians are very pleasant.”

Monica and Lolo especially appreciated Russian hospitality. Indeed, as we wrote earlier, Russians seem serious when you first meet them, but then you discover warmth, hospitality and willingness to help.

They were invited to a party of their friend, an artist. They appreciated the hospitality of Russians, and were amazed that at a party some men spontaneously created a small choir, which was very successful, and Monica and Lolo loved it.

3. “Mix of old and new in architecture.”

Monica and Lolo visited Moscow, Pereslavl-Zalessky and other old Russian cities. In Moscow they were amazed that you can successfully combine old traditions in architecture, old buildings, with new structures. As it turns out, often new buildings were specially designed so they organically “fit” with the old buildings.

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