Today we are talking to Poppy Chen from Taiwan. She is a very sociable and charming person. Poppy hasn’t been to Russia yet. So hers is 100% outside perspective.


Poppy Chen, Taiwan

That’s her list:

1. “Russians are very serious people. When everyone around is smiling, Russians have serious facial expressions.”

Yes, we agree with Poppy. Russians often appear serious at a first glance. We wrote about it here.

2. “Vodka.”

How can you do without this alcoholic drink? 😉

3. “Russian literature.”

Great answer! Before this, Russian literature came up in answers only once, from one American. And same as Poppy, it was in superlative degree.

It is hard for Poppy to pronounce Russian words, but still we managed to name writers like Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky. She especially noted the ability of Russian writers to convey emotions in their works.

Poppy’s list didn’t end here, and she continued.

4. “Russian music, and especially classic.”

Also a great answer. We prepared a whole series of posts about different genres of Russian music. It is definitely amazing!

As usual, our traditional chart. The positions of the sections “People” and “Traits” became stronger. Also, we have renamed the section “Space” into “Science and Culture”, and it received two new votes right away:


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