Today our new guest is Matteo. He is from the Dominican Republic. Matteo is in a coffee business.

On Old Arbat street in Moscow – the most famous tourist street – there is a cafe where people can buy coffee from the Dominican Republic. This is a wonderful coffee called Pascucci. Matteo’s company produces this coffee.


Matteo, the Dominican Republic

Here is a list from Matteo:

1. “Russian mafia.

Yes, that’s a stereotype.”

Unfortunately, this stereotype is widespread in the world. But in reality this phenomenon does not really reflect today’s life especially in cities. You can live in Russia all your life and never face bandits or the so called “Russian mafia.”

2 . “Gas.

A couple of years ago there was a gas crisis between Russia and Ukraine. It is a well-known fact in Europe. And of course Europe uses lots of Russian gas at present.”

In reality, it is not clear what country was to blame in that conflict. Russia proved that Ukraine was stealing gas. But Ukraine said that Russia itself blocked Russian gas to Ukraine. We think that the first version of this conflict is true. Indeed, why should Russia risk losing its European partners if everything was okay?

3 . “Real Estate in the Dominican Republic.

Today the Dominican Republic is a home for at least 70,000 Russian people. And Russians are the main buyers of real estate there.”

It is a very interesting fact – it characterizes Russian migration in the world. Our traditional graph about Russia is changing.


The bar “Country” now includes geography, resources, history, and other characteristics of Russia.

A new bar “Russian traits” appears in our graph. It includes Russian food, Russian vodka, Russian mafia, Russian sauna, Russian hospitality and so on.


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