We are starting a new section. It’s called “Outside perspective”. Here you will find different opinions about Russiafrom people who don’t live there. It’s very important to look at the Russian Federationfrom the perspective offoreigners, from an outside a point of view. First of all, we are interested in what people know about Russia around the world. In fact, very often if I ask someone about any Russian related subject, they typically answer based on some kind of common stereotype. This is not bad, it’s even interesting.

Here, we will collect these opinions about Russia.

So, my first interviewee was Denis. He’s from Ireland. Denis has already visited lots of countries.

Denis, Ireland

Denis, Ireland

And here there are a few topics we discussed:

1. “Russian vodka

Not bad. Indeed, this drink originated in Russia. Nowadays, more and more people choose this drink, because people say that the next day you will not have any typical issues associated with hangover or they won’t be as severe.

 2. “Russian women are beautiful”

No comment. It’s very tough to argue with that. All women are beautiful.

 3. “Russia is very cold.”

Perhaps it is true, but Russia is a large country. There are sub-tropical zones where in winter people haven’t seen snow at all for years!And in areas with extreme continental climate, where it is cold in winter, during summer the temperature goes up to +30˚C (86˚F).

That’s all for now.

We will be interviewing a lot of people to gather some statistics in order to understand what people know and think about Russia. For now, this is just a simple plan.


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We will continue in a week.


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