We continue publishing articles in this section devoted to the opinions of people around the world about Russia. Today we present you with the answers to our questions by Karen from South Africa.


Karen, South Africa

Here there is a list from Karen with her comments:

1. “The Cold war”

“We learned about the Cold war in our history class at school when I was a child. Russia was depicted as a powerful country to be feared of. There was a fear of the possibility of a nuclear war.”

2. “Vladimir Putin”

“We don’t get much Russian news here in South Africa, however Mr. Putin is depicted on the internet as a tough and interesting man.”

3. “Russian Brides / Wives”

“Magazines sometimes have articles about South African men who married Russian brides. Russian women are perceived to be beautiful and well educated and are believed to make good wives.”

Our traditional graph is changing. The item “Cold War” we will add to “the Soviet Union”. The item “Gorbachev” we will change into “politicians.” Now our info graph looks like this:


We`ll continue in a week.


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