“I have been dreaming about a solo sailing trip all my life, and I am very happy that God gave me an opportunity to fulfil it”

Sergey Morozov

We have been watching Sergey for some time already. Then one day I got information from Mikhail Tsyganovthat Sergey is now in Bali and he is going to start his world trip. We sent him a letter, and we were not really hoping for a quick response. But Sergei sent a reply very soon. He confirmed that he was leaving: “Alex, I’m out now (…). I am going to sail 10,000-15,000 miles a day to the Caribbean. So I will be out of touch for 3-4 months. Nevertheless, Sergei managed to write several lines about his dream; he sent me some materials and photos. And we could only wish Sergey: “Tailwind,” and “Seven feet under the keel!”.

The Beginning

Sergey had a dream to sail around the world from when he was a child. Many of us as teenagers also dreamed of a sea voyages, corvettes, caravels, sloops, yachts… But for most of us these were only dreams, while Sergey stubbornly took steps to fulfil his. First – Merchant Navy, then – the famous sailing ship “Krusenstern”. Then – the collapse of the Soviet Union after which he moved to England and then to Canada. At last, in 2011, he bought his own boat. Sergey spent a lot of time preparing. He was moving towards realizing his dream.


Sergey has been already on his trip around the worldfor a year and a half. He is both a Captain and a sailor. Sergei says that a lot has happened so far. He fell down exhausted, and his yacht got serious damages. You’re alone you can’t ask somebody to sail a boat when you fall sick or suffer from terrible pain. But Sergei managed to find the strengthinside of him to keep going and he managed to fix up his yacht.

Sergey Morozov

At the helm of the yacht “Hikari”. A picture of Sergey Morozov

Dream Again

And then? – whatdo you do after you fulfil your dream? You create another one. Another sailing trip around the world – again alone, but instead of a yacht – rowing on a row boat. Yes, you heard it right –rowing! To this day no one has been able to accomplish that. There were only two brave guys who tried, but they failed. One of them is still missing. But Sergey is planning to complete this rowing trip around the world – the third one in history.


Sergei thanks his sponsors, many of whom are readers of his blog. You can follow news about Sergey’s world trip in his blog.

We wish Sergey to successfully complete his current world trip on a yacht and to fulfill his new dream of rowing around the world!


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