I don’t quite understand how he does it, but it’s really amazing.

Wait a second – first, a brief biography, and then we’ll show you the video.

Gregory was born in Russia. When he was 4, he was adopted by a Canadian family.

From an early age Gregory was into different kind of sports, and then finally he choose trampoline. Freedropping hooked him for real. Just watch the video – it is a jump from a 25-storey building:

And these are jumps from 34 meters (music and slow motion really deliver))):

Basically, when he touches the trampoline, which occurs in about 3 seconds of freedropping, Greg reaches the speed of over 100 kilometers per hour!

A few more facts from Greg Roe’s resume:

  • 2008 – the champion of the Provincial and Canadian Men’s Open Trampoline.
  • 2012 3rd place in the London Olympic trials.

Today, Greg not only takes part in competitions or makes spectacular jumps, but is also is an excellent trainer and coach.

Good luck to you, Greg!


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