Alexander Nevsky

Three years before the fascists attacked the USSR this film rocked the country and refreshed its patriotic feelings.

The film “Alexander Nevsky” was filmed on the personal order of Stalin and was released in 1938. The ideological intuition once again did not fault Joseph Stalin.

The screening of the film at the beginning of the war brought it even greater success. The film inspired the soldiers of the Red Army for great feats of bravery during the whole war.

Historical inaccuracies of the plot were successfully mitigated by its ideological power and emotional impact on the audience.

About the Creative Team

The director Sergei Eisenstein created yet another masterpiece that gave the world cinema new tricks. For the filming the crew conducted the restoration of the streets and the church in Veliky Novgorod, created ​​realistic medieval clothing and armor and a large number of decorations. Extensive preparatory work was a step forward not only for the Soviet cinema, but also for the international movie making.

Cantata by the Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev that was written especially for this movie became a harmonious extension of the plot. Particularly noteworthy is the work of the cameraman Sergei Uralov. Masterfully shot battle scenes allow the viewer to feel in the midst of the action.

The Storyline

“Alexander Nevsky” tells a story about real events of the middle of the 13th century. The main character is Old Russian Prince Alexander Yaroslavovich, who managed to defeat the Teutonic Knights in the Battle of Lake Peipus. This battle is known as the Battle of the Ice.

At the request of the residents of Novgorod Prince Alexander led the army in the fight against the German invaders, which defeated the Teutonic Knights on the ice covered lake.

Eisenstein’s film tells the story of courage, resourcefulness and ingenuity of the Russian people.

On the eve of the war with Nazi Germany this movie was almost like a prediction of future events and a reminder that history always repeats itself.

Based on a survey of the international film experts this movie became part of the 100 best cinematic works of the 20th century.

The movie with English subtitles


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