It is no secret that when kids play they often imagine themselves to be some famous characters. In the old days, these characters were real life figures, for example, Alexander the Great or Napoleon. But nowadays everything is simplified, and typically the characters imagined by children during playing are some made up movie characters. Real life figures like Napoleon are interesting for their real deeds while movie characters are interesting for their personal qualities.

In contrast, Alexander Suvorov was a unique person who could combine his military successes with his outstanding personal qualities.

Usually the warriors received the epithet «the invincible» many centuries or even millenniums ago.

How could Alexander Suvorov get this title not only in Russia, but also abroad – the person who lived not so long ago?


A copy of the portrait of Alexander Suvorov, made by Robinson from a picture of the Ukrainian poet and artist Taras Shevchenko, about 1845
Source: the Izmail historical Museum which stores a copy of the drawing

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In November 1730 in Russia a boy was born in the family of General-in-chief.

The boy did not have great strength or good health. He was also not very tall. But from his childhood Alexander was keen on military service. When he was 17, Alexander started his army service in the famous Russian Semenovsky regiment.

Alexander created his own system to promote health and cope with deprivation in the military service in that time.

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At the age of 24 Alexander received a promotion to Lieutenant and he took part in the Seven Years’ War (18thcentury). Winston Churchill called this war “World War I”, because of the scale of its activities and its participants. After that there was a long army service which made him a Generalissimo.

Suvorov’s main talent was to identify the most important goals.

Later Napoleon used some of Suvorov’s battle ideas in his own military companies because Suvorov’s battle technique was very effective and led to victory.

Suvorov paid attention to the training of soldiers and officers. He often said: «The most important thing in a battle is not a number of soldiers but their combat skills”

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Soldiers infinitely believed Alexander Suvorov and were ready to follow him into fire and water.

Alexander Suvorov taught his subordinate officers and junior officers to proactively understand fighting. He constantly cared about the officers and soldiers while finding among them the most capable ones.

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Alexander Suvorov avoided comfort in his everyday life, even in peaceful times he “did not walk, but ran, did not just ride but rode very fast.”

The French King Louis XVIII said the following about Suvorov, “a small man, thin, frail, ill-proportioned… but under all these oddities there was a great military genius. In his army Suvorov was a real LEADER and solders followed him everywhere and without doubts. He was like a sword of Russia… ”

To Sum up

During his military service Suvorov took part in 7 wars and 60 battles, and he was not defeated in any of them. Suvorov’s army innovations were ahead of his time and they enriched and developed an art of combat.

Suvorov was extremely popular in the Russian army. Alexander Suvorov was treated kindly by Russian and European monarchs who gave Suvorov numerous awards. But we suppose the most important award for Suvorov is a fond memory of his achievements not only in Russia but also abroad.


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