For Russian people life without kvass in the old days was just impossible.

Kvass as a refreshing drink was consumed not only to quench a thirst, but also to make some national dishes. For example, it is impossible to prepare orkoshka, beet soup, tyurya without kvass. The first mentions of this beverage were found in the annals of the 11thcentury. Although scientists believe that kvass was invented long before that. And it was, undoubtedly, one of the main Russian drinks.

Varieties of Kvass

Previously, people used a variety of recipes to make kvass. Red and white, sweet and sour, quick, mint, berry, apple… The list is endless. Different types of kvass were made differently and used differently. For example, for okroshka only white kvass was used, with a pronounced sweet and spicy flavor. Children were given simple apple kvass, which was prepared without the addition of malt.

Home-Made Kvass

Real home-made kvass is made in the process of fermentation of the ingredients. First, a mash is made –a mix of flour, malt (sprouted grain and milled rye, wheat or barley) and water, which is then fermented. After that to the solution is added yeast, sugar, water, and natural flavorings (fruit and berry juices, decoctions of herbs, dried fruit). For fermentation, the drink is left in a warm place for a few days, and then it is ready to consume.

Kvass Recipe from Pokhlebkin

A culinary historian William Pohlebkin recorded a recipe of Russian kvass, which was prepared on the basis of dry toast. One kilogram of rye bread dry was toasted in an oven, poured with a bucket of boiling water and left to stand for 12 hours. Separately prepared decoctions of mint and black currant leaves, and infused them for 5 hours. Then decoctions were filtered and added to the mixture of dry toast. In the same mixture added syrup (750 grams of sugar mixed with 0.5 liters of boiling water) and 25 g of yeast. After 4 hours, the drink was strained, poured into clean jars, added a few raisins to each and left to ferment for two days.

The real Russian kvass has a pleasant refreshing taste and is great to quench thirst. You should try it! 


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