Amazing Siberia

Imagine that instead a musical instrument is used … real ice! Ice made from the purest water on the planet – water of Lake Baikal.

Yes. This is that very special lake. It holds the largest volume of fresh water. And it has the purest water on the planet. It is the deepest lake and the oldest.

Maybe it will be a new ocean?

And on this lake there is an amazing place – Olkhon. They say that this place has its own special energy.

And one day Sergey Purtyan has this amazing idea: try to “play” on the ice.

Not in the sense of having a concert on the ice, but to use natural ice as a musical instrument.

And the members of the percussion studio Etnobit enthusiastically supported his idea.

Listen to it yourself. An absolutely clean sound without any extraneous sounds or music. And even without the wind, thanks to a nice weather 🙂

And by the way, we appreciate the courage of the guys. Despite the bright sun, it was minus 20 degrees Celsius on the lake.

It turned out to be a remarkable performance of the Ice Music, didn’t it?


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