We continue to discoverforeign opinions about Russia. The main thing what we are doing here is to find out what foreigners think of when they hear the word “Russia”. Today we will look at Russia from the perspective of Belgians.

Robert is from Belgium and he is our new interviewee. Robert answered all of our questions. Somethings in his responses are the same as what other interviewees already expressed about Russia, but there is also something new.


Robert, Belgium

1. “Gorbachev

Perhaps Gorbachev is the most famous former leader of a country in the world. We suppose that we should publish an article about this person as soon as possible.

2. “Russia is a gigantic country. It is located both in Europe and Asia”

Of course this reply by Robertrefers to geography. It is the most popular answer. Done!

3. “Very athletic and active people”

Wow! This is really a new point of view. But for now we are not able to give you a concrete answer as to how athletic Russians are. Perhaps Robert was lucky to meet very active Russian people. But is that true about the entire country?
Russian people take pride in Russian sports achievements and Russian sportsmen. Sport is one of the main subjects of pride in Russia. Indeed Russian sportsmen regularly win medals at different world competitions, despite the fact that Russian national sports athletic community lost many talented athletes and sportsmen after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

But are all Russian people into sports? This is a very interesting question.

So, our traditional graph of the most significant opinions about Russia:


We still can’t see a leader among the various opinions by foreigners about Russia. But we think that this situation will change soon.

We will continue in a week.


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