These photos were sent by Vladimir Tselishchev.

The first photo was taken in the historical manor of Kolomenskoye, which is not far from Moscow (2013). This is a kind of a harmless caricature:


Historical manor of Kuskovo (within Moscow), 2012.A girl with flowers on her birthday:


The third photo was taken in Rybinsk, Yaroslavl region, where the photographer is from. 2012. This is a portrait of a girl, a psychologist. The author believes that this picture symbolizes the Russian Winter:


This young lady is getting ready to become a model for a famous Russian fashion designer Slava Zaitsev, 2012:


This final photo was taken during the annual celebration of the “Night at the Museums” in Moscow (free access for everyone to many museums and other cultural sites). In 2008, during this night many workshops and installations took place. These two random visitors began posing for the photographer:


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