Andrei Rublev

Andrei Tarkovsky’s movie “Andrei Rublev” is a recognized masterpiece of the world cinema.

The work on the movie began in 1964 from a script by Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky and Tarkovsky. Filming was completed in November of 1965. A talented cameraman Vadim Yusov was not just shooting, he was a like-minded person with Tarkovsky and understood him perfectly. The best historical monuments in Moscow, Pechora and other old Russian cities became the backdrop for the movie.

First, the film was shown to a very small audience in early 1967, and only five years later it got into a wide release.

Director’s Idea

Originally, the film was perceived by critics and audiences as a historical movie. Director himself described the film as the hope of art for self-improvement, the ability to overcome the passions and get closer to the ideal.

In the mouth of the painter Rublev, Tarkovsky put a lot of his own thoughts about the meaning of life, the throes of creativity, and a quest for universal harmony.

Implementation of the Plan

A talented director, Tarkovsky did not limit himself in artistic techniques. Nature, people’s jargon, cruelty and wisdom of tolerant Russian people – every detail has its own meaning. Disputes between Rublev and Theophanes the Greek strike us with their depth of thought and reflect the anguish of creative process. The film consists of eight short stories, and the main character appears in each of them. In some of them Andrei Rublev is in the center of events, and sometimes – as if he’s watching from the sidelines.


The film “Andrei Rublev” is recognized around the world:

• Participating out of competition in the 22nd International Film Festival in Cannes, the film won the Prize of the International Federation of Film Critics (1969).

• 1970 – the film was awarded the Prize of the French film critics’ “The prize of Leon Mussinak” for the best film and the French Academy Award “Crystal Star “.

• In 1978, according to critics, the film made the list of one hundred best films in the history of cinema.

“Andrei Rublev” is a unique work of Tarkovsky, which every time you watch it, you discover new philosophical layers.

The movie with English subtitles (part 1)

The movie with English subtitles (part 2)


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