Russian Samovars

Traditional Russian samovar is a perfect interior decoration and absolutely indispensable tool in making great tea.

What is a Samovar?

Samovar is a traditional metal vessel in which you can boil water to make tea.

In the olden times samovar had a long tube in the middle, which was filled with coals or pine cones and burned.

And pretty soon the water boiled, and you could make tea.

Later in history samovars became electric: while maintaining the same shape of the samovar, not a tube but an immersion heater was placed inside.

The Structure of the Samovar

Samovar has two beautiful twisted handles – so you could carry it. In the lower part of the samovar there is a tap at the level of the top of the cup – to pour boiling water. A top cover has a small ridge – so you put a teapot there. This way the tea will come out stronger. Then every person to their taste mixes a very strong brewed tea with boiling water.

Electrical Samovars

Samovar is still considered a good traditional gift. Beautifully made ​​samovars and also samovars that are painted in the style of one of the traditional Russian schools are common gifts in Russia. Some samovars are true collectible items.

After some time people who have received such a gift realize that they can use the samovar for its intended purpose – to boil water.

Also, older people, accustomed to samovars from their childhood remain committed to them, using electric samovar.

Traditional Samovars

Passion for country cottages and outdoor recreation breathed new life to the use of traditional samovars with internal firebox.

These samovars are taken out from storerooms, from attics and mezzanines. They are cleaned, restored and … begin their second life.

They are burned outside, often using conventional wood chips. To quickly ignite the furnace in a samovar some people put a boot upside down on a long tubeusing it as bellows.

Somehow tea made in a samovar always comes out tastier than a tea made with a conventional or electric kettle.


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