The Armata tank T-14 is the world’s first combat vehicle of the fifth generation.

By some estimates an average Armata tank T-14 by one third surpasses all existing and potential armaments in the sphere of tank construction.

The Armata tank T-14

The Armata tank T-14 / минобороны.рф

The distinctions of the Armata tank T-14

The Tank T-14 has an unmanned turret, with its crew being placed in a special armored capsule. This way crew members are separated from armaments and ammunition stores and can operate the Armata tank remotely. The crew is considered to include three members.

The module principle implemented in the tank T-14 is especially noteworthy. There is a detached armored capsule for crew members, a detached capsule for armaments and a detached capsule for the tank engine. Moreover, if any errors or damages occur, the automated system of the Armata tank will restore its major combat functions without outside interference.

The tank armaments are fully automated. The same goes for its surveillance system and data exchange between the tank T-14 and other armored vehicles or a command post. The Armata tank enables to wage the so-called network centric warfare.

The ability to become an integral part of tank groups or any other combat groupings is the major distinctive feature of the Armata tank.

The tank T-14 is equipped with an advanced radar system. Its active phased antenna is able of locating and monitoring from twenty-five to forty ground and air targets within a radius of one hundred kilometers (62 mi).

The Armata armaments and defense system

The tank T-14 has new machine guns, including a heavy one, and other armaments (sixteen types in total). The tank armaments comprise a full-fledged tactical missile system, a surveillance and target designating system and an air defense system.

Furthermore, the Armata tank has got higher accuracy and destruction range of ground and air targets, better mobility and other combat characteristics.

The tank T-14 is completed with both active and passive protection systems (triple armor), which withstand a hit of all existing and potential weapons.

Nowadays the most advanced German tanks Leopard cannot drill a hole in the armor of Russian tanks. The Armata tank possesses even stronger armor.

It is widely rumored that the T-14 active protection system did not enable any weapons to hit this combat vehicle.

All the tank armaments are operated remotely.

The modernization of its 125 mm smoothbore cannon is not a key objective. A special stress is laid upon the development of new ammunition. For instance, scientists are currently working on a guided missile, which can be launched through the cannon muzzle. These armaments are unparalleled.

New ammunition can hit any existing or potential armored vehicles made by all weapon producers.

The Armata universal platform

The fully-tracked platform Armata has been under development since 2009. This platform is planned to be used in various armaments to decrease the cost of military equipment development and its further maintenance. The fully-tracked platform will be mounted not only on the Armata tank T-14 but also on self-propelled artillery guns, infantry fighting vehicles, tank support fighting vehicles and other military equipment.

The Armata infantry fighting vehicle

 The Armata infantry fighting vehicle / минобороны.рф

The project Armata still belongs to one of the most classified projects of the Russian Armed Forces, which is intended to substitute the leading tank T-90.

We sincerely hope to see the Armata tank T-14 only on parades and military maneuvers where it will delight the eye of photographers and military experts.

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