6. The Peterhof Palace-Ensemble

Peterhof, laid out on the orders of Peter the Great as the summer Royal residence, was one of the most famous Royal residences of the time. These Palaces and gardens are sometimes referred as the “Russian Versailles”. But We think you should decide that yourselves… it is interesting but the system of fountains and the cascades of Peterhof were the largest in the world at that time.

Restoration work began after the end of the Second World War and continues even today in Peterhof.

At present the Peterhof palace-ensemble impresses visitors with its fountains and water cascades, different sculptures, as well as the Grand Palace with its French style interior where you can see the Oak Cabinet of the Emperor Peter I. the Cabinet was designed by the remarkable sculptor Nicolas Pineau. In the Grand Palace in Peterhof are exhibited some unique items. They were used by Peter I in his everyday life. On the territory of Peterhof there are many pavilions, caves, Islands and other elements of a palace -and -park ensemble of that time.

7. The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood

The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood

The Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ or It is also called The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, was built on the site where Alexander II was assassinated and was dedicated in his memory. This sad event took place on March 1, 1881, it was reflected in the name of the Cathedral: “On the Blood”. The church was erected as a memorial to Alexander II with the support of many Russians. The Cathedral began to be erected under Alexander III by the architect Alfred Parland and Archimandrite Ignaty (Malyshev).

The church is a wonderful example of Russian architecture; this architectural style is rooted in Byzantium. The Cathedral differs from St. Petersburg’s other constructions. The Cathedral resembles the St. Basil’s Cathedral (Pokrovsky Cathedral), located on the main square in Moscow. Some onion domes of the Cathedral are glittered, others are covered with enamel.

Despite the tragic event, which was the reason of the Cathedral construction, it is very richly decorated: you can see lots of mosaics in the interior of the church. Inside the Cathedral you can also see a lot of icons, they were painted by the most famous artists of the XIX century, among them Andrey Ryabushkin, Victor Vasnetsov, Mikhail Nesterov and others. In the Church there are memorial plaques, where you can read about the main reforms during the reign of Emperor Alexander II.

8. Kunstkamera



The Kunstkamera (the Cabinet of curiosities) was the first museum in Russia founded by Peter the Great. It is a home for the Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography.

In 1697-1698 Peter I went on a tour in European countries to have good new contacts. Then, being in Holland, Peter I acquired the first exhibits for the Museum.

In fact, The Cabinet Of Curiosities is the first natural science Museum in Russia. It was opened in 1714. There was no entrance fee in the museum. in that time the Kunstkammera was a main collection of rarities from all over the world. The Museum was famous for its collection of “freaks” (anatomical deviations and anomalies).

Now, this Museum has the richest ethnographic collection in the world, it contains more than 2 million items. It unites the culture of the people from Australia, America, Europe, Africa, East and South-East Asia, Siberia, Central Asia, South and South-West Asia, Oceania and Indonesia.

9. The Summer Garden Park

The Summer Garden was founded in 1704 by Peter I. During the first third of the XVIII century The Summer Garden was being designed and improved. Only the most famous architects of that time were working there. Eg Francesco Penso, Pietro Baratta, Marino Gropelli, Alvise Tagliapietra, Bartolomeo Modulo and others. The Summer Garden is decorated with fountains and beautiful statues of white marble. There you can see the Palace ensemble; it was one of the summer palaces of Peter I. A divine iron-cast railing, separating the park from the public walk is one of the most famous garden grille in the world. It is a real masterpiece. It was designed by Georg von Veldten, according to the drawings of the Empress Catherine II.

Other famous architects also added to the Summer Garden the flavor of luxury.

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