Autumn is an Abundant Season

Autumn is a time of harvesting, hunting, fishing, slaughtering cattle and storing food for the winter.

Autumn has been the most abundant season in Russia at all times. No wonder in the olden days people used to set wedding dates in autumn.

Time before the Lent

The whole three months before the start of the Advent in Russia were marked by finishing up harvesting and procuring products for the winter. At this time there are still lots of fresh vegetables, fruits, berries and herbs. Freshwater fish is still biting, and hunting for birds is active. Before the Lent and winter begin, the food should be as rich and varied as possible. This was facilitated by numerous autumn holidays, accompanied by abundant feasts.

Pumpkin and Other Vegetables

Pumpkin, carrots, cabbage… The list of autumn vegetables can go on forever. Everyone probably has his own vegetable symbols of Russian autumn. They may differ somewhat depending on the region, the tastes and preferences of local farmers. However, in all the regions with no exception autumn is an intensive procurement period. Roots and tubers were stored in cold cellars, onion and garlic were sun dried, and cabbage was fermented. By the way fermenting cabbage in some villages turned into a real festivity. The whole village gathered together to chop cabbage while talking and singing.

Game and Fish

Autumn has always been a season of hunting for birds. Ducks, waders, partridges, black cocks were the best catch of the season. It was consumed in large quantities, and was also procured for the winter by salting, curing or smoking. The same goes for fish. Autumn was good for carp, pike, perch, European carp, and catfish. In Russia fish was appreciated at all times, and it was expertly prepared.


Of course, Russian autumn dishes are impossible to imagine without mushrooms. Mushrooms were always collected in large quantities and of different varieties. Theywere fried, stewed, added to soups, fillingsfor pies and pancakes. Mushrooms were also pickled and dried for the winter season. Every mushroom type was always procured separately and using a specific recipe.

Provisions for the winter were always supervised by the most experienced housewives.


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