A scattering of precious stones.

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Not far from Vladivostok in the Ussuri Bay there is Gornostai Bay. It seems that it is not remarkable at all – just another bay.

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But instead of sand or pebbles it is covered by glass worked by water that sparkles in the sunwashed by the sea:

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You really want to put your hands through them, enjoying the wealth created by a man and nature together.

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According to one version, not too picky representatives of the glass factory threw into the sea the waste from glass production, which then turned into these amazingly beautiful stones. According to another version – these are the same waste glass products, but it was washed away by the river and then swept into the sea. And now, years later, we have this unique glass beach, where each “pebble” has been molded by Mother Nature.

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If you are ever in Vladivostok, be sure to visit this beach of jewels!

All photos – Larissa Andryushchenko.

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