Black Russian Terrier

This is a smart, quiet, irreplaceable dog – a true friend to its owner and his family, and also a reliable defender against any danger.

This Terrier is called Stalin’s dog. Indeed, the order to develop this breed came during Stalin’s ruling. But the actual breed was created only many years later.

The breed was created as a guard dog and as an indispensable help in many chores, whatever life throws at a person. At the same time, the animal should have become a faithful companion to its owner in the vast and harsh expanses of Russia; be able to work even in the bitter cold, in high mountains, and in hot deserts.

Initially, the Stalinist regime wanted to use the breed to guard prisoners. Fortunately, by the time the breed was stabilized, the cult of Stalin’s personality was over and many political prisoners were rehabilitated.

In order to create a breed, the specialists from the military nursery “Red Star” near Moscow mixed about 10 other breeds. They started with the breed giant schnauzer, used the blood from the breeds of Rottweiler, Airedale Terrier and Newfoundland.

The word “Terrier” in the name of the breed can be misleading. The appearance of the animal has no features of a terrier, plus terriers were not used in creating the breed.

The appearance of the Black Russian Terrier is graceful and formidable. The animal is fairly large. Long black coat of hair (sometimes with gray inclusions) that hides not only the body of the animal, but even its eyes. It looks as if the dog threw a hood over its eyes.

The dog has a solid and reliable character. That is why you can start training as early as possible. Then you will get a steady, confident animal, with great dignity, hardworking and performance and enduring, able to bravely deflect any danger from its owner and owner’s family. At the same time the breed has a big gentle and kind heart. The animal learns easily, but difficult to retrain later in life.

Often the hair is cut to emphasize its massive head, the power and grace of the body, leaving the hair just on the face and the legs.

The height of an adult dog at the withers: male dogs 72-76 cm, female dogs 68-72 cm. The dog usually lives up to 14 years.

This large, non-shedding dog with a wonderful and steady character is typically calm, but when you need to – it’s active and courageous. It can communicate well with both adults and children. All of that makes Black Russian Terrier a very popular breed.


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