Burnt by the Sun

The film tells us about the beginning of Stalin’s repressions.

“Burnt by the Sun” by the director Nikita Mikhalkov was filmed in collaboration with the French. 2.5 hours of intense attention and hope that everything will be fine.

A bundle of Contradictions and Contrasts

Summer of 1936. A sunny and joyful weekend. The family of the division commander Kotov in full gathered at the country cottage. All excitedly await the celebration of 4 years of airship building in Russia. Everybody is joking around. Nadia, the daughter of Kotov and Marusya, brightens up the family idyll with her ingenuousness.

Suddenly, Mityai appears in the house. And gradually the picture changes. First, women become tense. They check their men, fearing any judgment and any word. At some point, everyone is starting to feel that trouble is at the doorstep.

Mitya is an ex-boyfriend of Marusya. He is a sophisticated, intelligent young man. But little things are alarming – he seems too comfortable in this house. An NKVD agent, he came for revenge. Mityai is eager to settle the score with Kotov for the love that was taken away, for stolen happiness. And he does so inventively and fastidiously. But Mitya played by the actor Menshov is a complex personality. A cruel representative of the avenging power, he is at the same time an unhappy and confused person.

Movie Premier

The world premiere of the movie took place on May 21, 1994. The film, which some critics called opportunistic, did not leave the audience indifferent. A throbbing ache in the heart from the feeling of despair is left in your soul after watching the movie.

High Praise

In the first year after its release the film won several awards: the Grand Prix at the Cannes International Film Festival, the Press Award for best film in 1994, and an “Oscar.” Actor Oleg Menshikov won the Award for Best Actor, the Russian State Prize and the Prize of Film Press.

The story of one day captured love and betrayal, joy and horror, carelessness and hopelessness.

Today the film “Burnt by the Sun” remains an important reminder of the fragility of human life and happiness.


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