In reality, capitalism is moving towards socialism

Nowadays, capitalism becomes inefficient even on a system level. For example, some schools in a North American country officially prohibit competition of any kind. Sport awards are given to both winners and losers. Furthermore, the very words “winners” and “losers” should not be used.

In Europe, generous social programs have caused a real pilgrimage of refugees from many ex-colonies. The rest is history. Particularly, it refers to Northern Europe, whose social and economic system is full of red tape and extremity and resembles that of mature socialism.

The countries of winning middle class

Curiously enough, the conditions “good for many” (as you see, we cannot call these regimes democracy for reasons we will list below) have been formed in various European countries and even on the whole continent, which is Australia.

It is especially interesting to trace these processes in Europe. For instance, the German taxation system is developed in such a way, that people are encouraged to have a certain income, not less and not more. Supposedly, the oppositional Greens, which are less connected with the upper classes, take office. It is only natural, that the elite will find a way to face this challenge, since they have almost unlimited access to different resources.

Other European countries also follow this lead. As their indigenous population is growing thinner and thinner (“Europe is dying out”), the so-called remains get an opportunity to enjoy a privileged life. Previously, one house was occupied by a family, consisting of three members. Now a pair owns two detached houses. When they get married, they move together and start to rent the second one. They can also rent a few rooms in a big house, which is quite popular today.

Some people need to work in order to hire an apartment. It seems immigrants are the best candidates for this role. However, there lies a main problem. After getting to Europe, immigrants received equal rights with locals (just remember the social policy of Margaret Thatcher). They did not want to work, since they could happily live on social benefits. Today their children get money for doing nothing (social payments) and do not even think of finding a job, as long as they can entertain themselves (think about Paris, their assimilation is out of the question). What is next? We will have to see.

Protests in a European country against the reduction of financial aid, provided by the European Union

Protests in a European country against the reduction of financial aid, provided by the European Union

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