Russian Architecture & Sculpture

Russian architecture is characterized by its own peculiar traditions and styles which have been elaborated by the global artistic movements.

The traditional Russian house, izba, has been forming for several centuries. All its elements are efficient and designed for making people’s lives easier. The northern house is a peculiar kind of the Russian izba which enables people to do household duties without going outside.

Sometimes Russians invited foreign architects and masters. On the one hand, they followed the orders of Russian tsars and tried to comply with their wishes. On the other hand, they had plenty of opportunities to realize their own ideas and create unique Russian styles.

The elements of ancient Russian style were preserved by further generations of Russian architects and successfully used in various buildings, as a result, Russian baroque, empire and other styles appeared.

However, Russian constructivism had the biggest impact on the world architecture and encouraged the development of numerous substyles. It would not be an exaggeration to say that many modern cities were built in accordance with constructivism which was born in Russia.

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