Russian Music

Russian music is extremely versatile. With the help of music Russians express their attitude towards the world, convey their thoughts and feelings. Through music they tell about their life and its major events.

Some Russian composers, even while living abroad, continued to create compositions full of Russian culture and traditions.

Many Russian composers and performers, as well as certain pieces of music, are widely known throughout the world. They make a significant contribution to the universal cultural heritage.

Moreover, most of the time people are unaware that tunes they heard came from Russia!

It is interesting to mention that Russian musical culture gets inspiration from all around the world. Many composers, especially of the latest century, draw their attention not only to the history and culture of Russia but to the culture of other nations as well. This combination lets Russian composers create truly unique pieces of art.

Some of the world’s most popular musical styles have found its reflection in Russian music. Russian pop-singers tend to bring in their own specific features, which allow us to distinguish Russian music from all other popular music.

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