Russian History

The History of Russia is a reflection of the world history.

It is often said that history is written by the victors.

That is not exactly true. History is more like politics, directed to the past.

In other words, it is propaganda of ruling classes*.

By all means, we do not intend to fight against any state propaganda.

Yet, we would like to look into some historical events and processes.

If our opinion differs from other views** and interpretations***, it is probably good.

We are highly interested in the history of Russia, but we do not try to rewrite it. So far, we have researched only some historical aspects.

The articles, devoted to the history of Russia, are nothing more than our subjective opinion. We always try to consult with primary sources of information, but we do not have enough spare time to examine all the historical sources on a certain topic.

Anyway, we are sure that some of the articles on the history of Russia will be interesting for thoughtful and reasonable readers.

* As far as we know, there is no country in the world, where mass media are propaganda-free. At the best of times their way of presenting information is “moderately balanced”.

** You have all rights to believe in whatever you want. We will not argue with you.

*** In this context we do not use the word “facts”, since it often substitutes the reality with the wish.

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